EcoRecycledBrick is the first startup in Canada to turn plastic materials into a new brick adhesive paste. Therefore, one of the biggest life-threatening challenges (the accumulation of plastic waste) can be solved. This novel method is used to produce bricks that do not undergo heat treatment; therefore, the products are uncooked.

This can quickly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and carbon production. EcoRecycledBrick offers a portable scalable brick production package that can be used in an area as small as 20 square meters, with a minimum production capacity of 2 tons per hour. Thus, the need for a vast production area is eliminated, which is an impressive factor for EcoRecycledBrick’s customers.

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The Creation Process

Weight the plastic wastes

Shr edding the plastic wastes into 2-5 mm particles

Mix the shredded plastics with nano catalyst in an extruder to obtain a mix-plastic-catalyst preliminary paste

Remaining the mixed paste in the extruder for 30 min to get the final nano additive binder

Weight all dry powders such as gypsum , cement , etc .

Fill the reactor with dry powders such as gypsum , cement , etc.

Add prepared nano additive binder and water to the reactor to mix with dry powders for 5 minutes.

Empty the molds , and now the non-baked bricks are ready to sell

Pour the well-mixed paste into the molds and settle the filled molds